Rebecca’s Bees

I have been keeping honeybees for about 10 years, slowly building up my hives by splitting and catching swarms. Learning from them and teaching about them is great fun. I am always encouraging people to be backyard beekeepers and have begin a local beekeeping group to help spread the love of bees and gather with others who love bees too.

Due to some health issues about 10 years ago I found myself researching the chemicals listed on skin and hair product labels and I was so shocked with all the toxins we put on the largest organ of our body (our skin). I mean, if you won’t swallow it, why would you put it on your skin? I began making my own healthy products from natural, wholesome ingredients like honey, lavender, oatmeal, olive oil, cocoa powder, and essential oils.

Shortly thereafter I read Michael Pollen’s book Omnivores Dilemma and decided to find some more local food. I joined a CSA and then in seeking out local butter I found the Weston A. Price foundation and their local chapter. Wow! A foray into local food led me to a way of eating based on the traditional knowledge of our ancestors. No longer would I be swayed by each new trend in the news or scientific community, now I was on the path of what humans have been eating for thousands of years. To me there is no better guide and I am still learning.

All my natural living activities expanded hugely when I left my career as a high school chemistry teacher when I decided my time would be better used living and teaching the useful skills that I and so many others have been called to learn. With a background in chemistry and teaching, I’ve found a comfortable niche to do both and help people find a way to nourish and care for their bodies, their families and the world that supports us.

Reorienting my priorities has been more difficult than I thought it would be and I find I am constantly learning to be in this world. Strangely, it wasn’t until I left ‘teaching’ as a formal career that I remembered how much I love teaching and am a teacher at heart – this has brought happiness, new friends, and a purpose to life.

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6 responses to “Rebecca’s Bees

  1. Michael Conroy

    Great job Rebecca!
    Fun to read and lots of very good photos.

  2. Rebecca, I bought some of your honey soap this Saturday and I love it. It’s the best natural fragrance free soap I’ve tried. I will want to buy more of it shortly. How can I do that?
    I love how you are making a difference in the world.

  3. Enjoyed your article “About”, esp. the comment of constantly learning to be in this world. To live in a natural way w/in the constraints of civilization I have found very challenging.

  4. Rebecca, I LOVED your magical and inspiring presentation at the Florida Herbal Conference this year. I’m getting closer to beekeeping and I’m sure our paths will cross again sometime this year! :-)

  5. Good morning Rebecca,
    We are one of your Bee Pollen customers. Thank you for this fine product. Not all beekeepers offer it.
    jim & carol

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