Ice Cream!

I’ve finally gotten good at making ice cream that I like and can eat!!!  As some of you know I’m on the GAPS eating method to restore my inner ecology (for a longer explanation click here)  which doesn’t permit cane sugar or lactose (so no unfermented milk) so ice cream has been something I’ve been doing without for 9 months.  One discovery is that cream definitely makes the best ice cream, the rich jersey cow milk will do but full cream is a lot less icy.  The next discovery is that when using cream the freezer works almost as well as the ice cream maker and is easier. 

Vanilla and Chocolate Yogurt Ice Cream

First thing is to make the fermented cream or you can use unfermented cream and jump to the end to make unfermented ice cream.  Raw cream is nice if you can get it, pasteurized store cream will do but I’d avoid ultrapasteurized.  There are three cultures I use: yogurt, buttermilk, and kefir. 

Yogurt: Warm a quart of cream (or use still warm from the cow if you are so lucky) no higher than 110 F.  Add 1 tablespoon of store-bought plain yogurt with live cultures and stir in well.  Then put in a glass quart mason jar, cap tightly, and put in a cooler to which you add hot tap water.  Let sit 12-24 hours, replacing the hot water if necessary, then move to the fridge.  It will set to yogurt consistency when it cools. 

Buttermilk: Allow a quart of cream to come to room temperature and add 1/2 cup live culture buttermilk from the store or starter culture purchased from someplace like New England Cheesemaking Supply or from your last batch.  Stir in well and sit on the counter at room temperature for 12 or so hours, then refrigerate.

Kefir: Add 2-3 tablespoons kefir grains (you can get these from me if you’re  in the Tampa Bay area) or starter culture to 1 quart cream.  Let sit at room temperature about 24 hours.  Strain out grains (use for next batch) and refrigerate finished kefir.

Once you have the fermented cream simply stir in honey and other flavorings until it tastes good.  I like chocolate made with honey, cocoa, and vanilla extract (about 3 T. cocoa per quart, 1 t. vanilla, and honey to taste) or vanilla made with honey and vanilla extract.  I also just made a peppermint one with honey, vanilla, and peppermint extract. 

Then put into a container that is shallow or square shaped, cover and place in the freezer.  Every few hours, or whenever you think of it, take the cream out and stir it up.  Eventually it will be frozen through and ready to eat. YUM!

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream!

  1. Looks lovely. The last ice cream that I home made was so bad for you that it made your heart beat faster and meant you couldn’t go to sleep. Perhaps I’ll have to try a yoghurt version.

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