Being a teacher for me seems to mean that as soon as I learn something I want to share it so I’ve put together workshops on some of my favorite topics.  Below are descriptions and at the end are methods to contact me if one of these strikes your fancy and you’d like to learn it.

Natural Body Care Workshop

Learn how to make you own personal care items – basics like shampoo/conditioner and toothpaste to lotions and balms.  In the class you’ll make your own lotion, balm, and toothpaste to take home and try and we’ll discuss deodorant, scrubs, and other body care basics.  I like to make up gift bags with these to give, very unique and economical and best of all from the heart and home.  Making these things yourself from simple ingredients and being free from factory made, highly marketed and packaged “products” is super empowering.  Plus, I can’t imagine how much I’ve saved not buying shampoo for the last 6 years.

Natural Soda / Water Kefir Workshop

Join us to learn how to make your own refreshing, bubbly soda containing over forty strains of probiotics (over 6 times more than yogurt) using water kefir.  Water kefir is a traditional probiotic culture, grown and cared for by many generations who used it to ferment sweet liquid into a healthy, hydrating drink – the precursor to modern day soda.  In the class we will taste different recipes including ginger ale, bottle a fermented batch, and you will start a batch of water kefir to take home and ferment your own healthy drinks. Water kefir is self propagating so once you have the basics you can make your own sodas indefinitely.  Bring to class a glass quart jar with lid for your first batch of water kefir.

Homemade Salad Dressings

Some of the most processed foods people who eat healthy tend to buy are salad dressings.  In this class you will taste and learn to make some quick and easy but very tasty dressings to make your salads the healthy food they were meant to be.  We will make a variety of dressings from Caesar and mayonnaise to vinaigrettes and some direct from the cabinet to your salad emergency dressings.

Fermentation Workshop

Traditional cultures ate fermented food with practically every meal.  They are loaded with healthy, immune supportive probiotics.  Fermenting is also a way to preserve food while retaining and often increasing the nutritional value.  The ferments we make in this class will depend on what is in season.  Examples are lacto-fermented ketchup or salsa, ginger carrots, sauerkraut,  beet kvass, kimchi and others.  You will have recipes and know what to expect them to taste like after this workshop so you can get them into your diet!

Homemade Herbal Cleaners

Have a sparkling bathroom, crystal clear windows, and soft clean clothes all with safe homemade cleaners made by you with basic natural ingredients.  We’ll make up the best bathroom cleaner ever to replace the comet in your cabinet, make citrus vinegar to cut through grease and freshen the whole house, and learn some amazing laundry tricks which will save you money and protect the earth.  Your house will smell great with gifts of nature rather than factory products and you and your family will be safe from toxic cleaning supplies.

Workshops given by Rebecca Conroy, a former chemistry teacher turned beekeeper and natural living teacher.  I’m available to teach at your store, to your organization, or to your friends at home with a minimum enrollment of 5 attendees at $50 each. Contact me at #727-688-9069 or


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